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Welcome to X.com, the website where you can learn everything you want to know about CBD. 

We’re a team of cannabis lovers and researchers. We all found CBD in different periods of our lives, due to various difficulties: chronic pain, eating disorders, anxiety, etc. Some of us are purely interested in the relaxing effects of cannabidiol, proving that you don’t have to suffer from a health condition to benefit from the miraculous plant. Some of us use CBD for their pets only.

CBD products are so versed in effects and quality that it becomes difficult for people to choose what they need. Do you need pure oil? What if you can’t stand the aroma of natural weed? Maybe vanilla-flavoured oil would be a better option? What about gummies and brownies? If you want to use capsules, what brand should you try, and what dosage is good for you?

So many questions!

We’re here to answer them all.

What We Do

First and foremost, we try CBD products. Before sharing a review for the general audience, our writers test the products for at least two weeks. That’s necessary for them to feel the real effects and compare how they feel when compared to other brands. 

Some of the products have been gifted to us, but we buy most of them with our own money. Even when we get a package from a brand, the review is 100% honest and reliable. That’s our condition for all brands that want to send us to review them.

In addition to sharing reviews, we also inform you about the healing and therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant. We help you choose the right product for any condition you want to address. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a medicinal or recreational user. You can find tons of useful info on our website. 

Important Facts about CBD

  • CBD is completely non-intoxicating, so it’s perfect for those who want to relax and relieve pain without getting high.
  • CBD oil is proven to alleviate anxiety and pain, improve digestion, and help you cope with any emotional impairment. 
  • Not every oil is great. Some oils are too weak to give the effects that you need. The quality depends on how the hemp is sourced and how its essential ingredients are extracted.
  • Not every brand is transparent about the way it sources its hemp. That’s what we’re here for: to do the research and answer your questions.

How We Review CBD Products and Brands

All our reviews are based on experience. They are 100% unbiased. 

We focus on these features when reviewing products:

  • Quality of production
  • Speed of delivering effects
  • Advantages when compared to similar products by other brands.
  • Price and cost-effectiveness
  • Customer support

These reviews help you choose from hundreds of CBD products available on the market!



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