Berkshire CBD is a quite popular name amongst indoor medicinal marijuana grown CBD product suppliers. They have a quite focused product range that helps in a variety of medical applications. Here is a detailed company review and its product offerings:

About Brand

about Berkshire CBD

Berkshire CBD is very passionate about indoor hemp flower production, and they use unique processes to make their goods. On their website, they promise customers the highest standards when making products using marijuana.

All techniques they use involve the highest quality assurance standards from cultivating, trimming excess leaves, drying, curing marijuana flowers, and storing their products. Berkshire even considers this as an art because they call growers artisans.

Another thing that makes this brand distinct is carving a new path instead of following mass-production techniques. You can buy these goods from Berkshire:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oils
  • Various hemp flowers
  • Readily available joints to smoke

Regardless of what product you buy, this brand assures customers of the best cultivation and processing standards. They have taken a slightly different path by focusing on hemp itself instead of offering a large range of products, and only a few are marketed.

Berkshire CBD focuses on small farm owners to grow the best hemp in a controlled environment. Most products offered by this brand have < 0.3% Δ9-THC. Their pricing structure is very reasonable and affordable and they have some combo offers which add value to customers.

Why Choose “Berkshire CBD”

Berkshire CBD does not only just claim they have the best quality hemp flowers and other cannabis products but there are third-party drug test results to back this up.

Also, customers review the service and quality of this brand after trying it out and there are a lot of positive reviews online.

Choosing Berkshire CBD can help you gain access to competitive discounts available using their promo code program. Their latest is “10KIND” and offers a 10% discount for any goods.

Brand Products

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures Berkshire CBD

Fortunately, you can buy full-spectrum CBD tincture online from this brand and they are free from any contaminants. Purity is everything when it comes to full-spectrum tinctures, and the company tries everything in its power to make the oil product free from any impurities.

You can use them for a variety of problems ranging from anxiety, stress, or relief from bothersome pains. Each tincture bottle can be purchased for just $29.95 and comes with 375mg of cannabidiol. You can buy a combination of these tinctures at $79.95      and come with three bottles, each remedying one of the problems outlined above.

CBD Topicals

Unfortunately, Berkshire CBD does not offer topical products that can be applied to the skin. They have not focused yet on this product type but hopefully, in the future, it will be added. Right now, this brand is focused on hemp flowers and tinctures. You can create your own topical using one of their products.

Obviously, this will require some expertise or knowledge on extracting and concocting efficient topicals. Alternatively, you can read up on how to make topicals from hemp flowers or full-spectrum cannabidiol oil.

CBD Edibles

Currently, there are no legit suppliers known that offer Berkshire CBD edibles so you will just have to make your own in this case. There are various ways to do this, for example, you can use hemp flower or CBD oil when cooking. Fortunately, their products are safe to be used in this manner.

With proper guidance and determination, people who love edibles have been able to cook and bake hemp flowers as well as the oil. A lot of reviews are disgruntled at this brand for not offering ready-made edible snacks such as gummies.

CBD for Pets

If you are looking for treats specifically labeled for pets, this brand does not offer any. As you might know, though, cannabidiol products good for humans can be used on pets such as dogs, cats, or other similar domestic animals. You can use the aforementioned coupon code to get CBD oil tinctures and give them to your pet.

Start off with a small dosage and see how the pet reacts to it. As a pet owner, you will decide how to administer these tinctures. You can choose between dropping a few droplets on their food or administering it directly sublingually.

CBD Capsules

There are no CBD capsules offered by Berkshire CBD but you can also do it yourself. You can buy cannabidiol tinctures using the discount code and start this project, it will be much cheaper than buying ready-made capsules.

You can use a trustworthy source to refer to when making these capsules to make effective, safe, and enjoyable capsules. To make these capsules, you do not need highly specialized equipment. Rather, most materials used can be sourced at your nearest supermarket.

CBD Vape Juice

You will not find any vape juice directly but instead, there are hemp flowers that can be smoked using devices designed for this. When vaping the hemp flower provided by Berkshire CBD, you will get the highest bioavailability and get great effects. That is because all hemp contents will permeate throughout your entire body at a rapid rate.

Effects will start being visible and felt in no time. You can get coupons for Cannaflower products supplied by Berkshire CBD. That should make up for the unavailability of vape juice.

CBD Hemp Joints

CBD Hemp Joints Berkshire CBD

Smokers that are always on the move and barely have time to roll their own joints can benefit from this hemp offer. You can get all hemp flower strains offered by Berkshire CBD already rolled.

All you have to do is spark it up and enjoy the high. There are a variety of options when it comes to hemp joints offered by this brand, you can buy one loose joint or a pack of 5. A loose joint is priced at just under $9 and the pack is $36.

Variety of Hemp Flower

CBD flower Berkshire CBD

Berkshire CBD has various hemp flower offerings ranging from a wide variety of cannabis strains. Regardless of why you would like to smoke marijuana, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Their hemp flower offerings can be purchased from as low as $9 for popular marijuana strains.

For example, you can buy Bubba Kush, Sour Dog, OG Kush, and a variety of other well-known cannabis strains. If you are a collector, there are various indoor hemp flowers with a beautiful appearance, taste, and aroma. The latter ranges around $35 for 3.5 grams of ultra-premium indoor cannabis.

This brand does not have a large product offering but you can save a lot of money by improvising and preparing a few products yourself. Their goods are safe and regulatory compliant with third-party lab results to back up Berkshire CBD’s claims.

Final Thoughts

This brand does not have a large assortment but you can save a lot of money by doing the lacking products yourself. Their products are safe and regulatory compliant with third-party lab results to back up Berkshire CBD’s claims.