Nowadays, it’s quite challenging to find a reliable supplier of quality products. It mainly concerns the CBD industry. Thus, you are invited to read about the Blue Moon Hemp review and learn how they make the world better.

About Brand

Blue Moon Hemp Review
The Blue Moon Hemp company was established in 2016. The ideologist, main founder, and the person who owns this company is John Castellano. He built this business together with Christopher Cowart. Till now, the headquarters is based in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The company’s mission is to deliver a high-quality natural product that relieves pain and improves overall health, and that is affordable for everyone. At the same time, the goal was to restore the unfairly sullied reputation of the hemp plant with many beneficial features and minimum side effects.

To do that task, and ensure the potential customers about its superb properties, the Blue Moon Hemp company grows up the high-grade crude on the domestic fields of Kentucky. Then, it is collected and processed. After all the manipulations, it’s tested in in-house and third-party laboratories so potential users can acknowledge the lab results, too.

Currently, the Blue Moon Hemp CBD supplies with products such as:

  • Oil Tinctures
  • Total Eclipse Vape E-Liquids
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Salve
  • Hemp Flower
  • Oil Pod Systems
  • CBD Shatters
  • CBD for pets

All of them, we’ll take a look more precisely a little bit later.

In terms of customer experience, there are no complaints at all. Within the US, the shipment takes about 2 days from the placing order. Besides, if the order was made before 2 pm, the purchase will be sent the same day, if later — the next day, or next Monday in the case of Monday afternoon. There is also available international shipment, but its cost will vary depending on the destination. Even if you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can ask for a full refund.

What concerns customer’s retention, the Blue Moon Hemp company provides with discounts. You don’t need to enter any coupon code or discount code. Moreover, you are also freed from searching for a promo code on the Internet. Instead, you are guaranteed to receive a 20% off in a cart once you make the first purchase, and receive a 10% off coupon if you subscribe. Of course, they accept online payments with credit cards.

Why choose “Blue Moon Hemp”

Before you proceed with the products of the Blue Moon Hemp brand, you may want to know all the benefits you will receive. So, here they are:

  1. The company uses the domestically grown crude of high quality. Thus, you can rely on the selected ingredients.
  2. There applied patented technology of purification. It ensures that all the junk compounds that can get you high are removed. As a result, the products may have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) of a really low level of 0.001%. So you can be sure that the drug test will never be failed.
  3. The procedure of packaging the solutions is held in GMP certified structures. Thus, all the products are safe for consumption.
  4. All the products you order are carefully checked before shipment. Be sure that all of them are from the fresh batch.
  5. No matter where you are, the Blue Moon Hemp company delivers all the orders up to your door.
    On a separate note, the numerous reviews on the produce of this brand also speak a lot. Thus, I hope that these facts persuaded you to rely on this partner.

Brand Products

The Blue Moon Hemp CBD brand exists not for a long time. Still, it stays on top of world health tendencies and employs all the latest technologies into manufacturing high-quality supplements.
They always widen the arsenal of helpful solutions so that everyone can find something suitable for a particular purpose. So the variety is not limited by regular solutions such as tincture oils, CBD gummies, and salves. There is also an excellent selection of healthy vape liquids, shatters, oil pod systems, and pets products. Are you excited about them? Then let’s have a look at each category more closely.

CBD & Hemp Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures Blue Moon Hemp
Blue Moon Hemp CBD oil is an effective way against pain. It is available in 1 size option, but the tincture dosage may be 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg or 3000mg. Besides, there are 3 available flavors that you can choose from:

  • natural
  • peppermint
  • berry

If you are just getting acquainted with such an active substance, you may have concerns about how to use CBD oil. For the first time, it’s better to start with a lower dosage of 17mg per 1ml (500mg option). In case you’ve been using these solutions for a long time and/or they don’t work as you expect, then it’s better to choose the higher dosage starting from 33mg per 1ml (1000mg).

CBD & Hemp Vape E-Liquids

Blue Moon Hemp Mango Moon CBD Vape Juice
As it was already mentioned, the Blue Moon Hemp CBD applies all the modern tendencies. Thus, there is a nice award-winning solution for rapid pain relief in the form of vape E-Liquids loaded into a pen. By the way, you shouldn’t swap your regular tool with a special CBD pen.
The available CBD dosage is only 1000mg. But, speaking about the flavors, there are just a few, but all of them are worthy.

  • Red Devil
  • Pure
  • Kush
  • Flan
  • Mango moon

However, the most popular and highly recommended vape juice is “Red Devil”. Thus, there appeared an exceptional Red Devil vape pen. The great news is that it is disposable, so it’s really convenient to use.

CBD Gummies

Blue Moon Hemp Gummies
The proven method of pain relief is taking medicine. But, you can substitute the pills with more attractive and tastier CBD gummies. And it’s better to choose the ones that don’t consist of artificial sweeteners, GMO and gluten, but natural ingredients only. The ones produced by Blue Moon Hemp company, the quality of which can be tracked from seed to the ready product.
There are 2 types of packaging: jars and packs.
The jars differ by volume and CBD dose:

  • 6oz with 250mg
  • 22oz with 1000mg
  • 12oz with 500mg

The packages may contain regular, sugar-free, or gummies with Melatonin. The regular jellies can have 100mg or 250mg of CBD. Sugar-free ones come only with the 250mg, and Melatonin-based — only with 150mg of cannabidiol.

CBD Salves

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salves
The salve is an alternative to oils. It provides soothing action on any part of the body, especially muscles, when it’s necessary. Thus, not without a purpose, this product won the Best Hemp Company award as the best topicals. The brand provides 2 dose options: 500mg and 1000mg. And there are 3 pleasant flavors: natural, eucalyptus, and limonene.

CBD Bundles

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Bundles
The CBD bundle is a perfect way to show your care to another person. Or it’s a good deal in case if you are not sure which one is best for you. Having a bundle allows you to try a few flavors or products simultaneously. So, then you can make your firm decision about what you want to proceed with. By the way, getting one of the suggested bundles allows you to save up to 20% off.


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Flower
Another powerful method of pain mitigating is the closest to nature — taking hemp flower buds. They are also grown in US fields and tested before it goes to the consumer. They contain THC, but its amount is legal, as stated in the 2018 Farm Bill — less than 0.3%. So, you will get a wonderful effect, just right from nature, in a shorter time.

CBD & Hemp Oil Pod Systems

Pod System
To get the maximum from vaping, there is supposed to be a special device. Luckily, the Blue Moon Hemp company supplies oil pod systems, too. There are 2 pens with an ergonomic shape that will certainly catch an eye: the lemon yellow and black. Both of them have soft-touch housing with light indicators of charge levels. The battery capacity is 520mA, which is enough for the whole day. And of course, it’s rechargeable.
The volume of the inner container for oils is 3ml. Once you’ve run out of the liquid, it is easy to refill through the bottom.

CBD Shatters

Shatter Blue Moon Hemp
The CBD shatters from Blue Moon Hemp is another natural pain reliever. However, unlike the majority available shatters on the market, this one has the highest ratio of purity — 99.6%, which is insane. It means that you are treated by nature itself. The CBD shatter will bring and uplift or mellowing effects for Sativa or Indica strains respectively.
It is available in a 1gram size option, but 3 irresistible flavors: pineapple, sour diesel, and blueberry.

CBD For Pets

Blue Moon Hemp CBD for Dogs
Our pets also deserve proper treatment. Thus, the Blue Moon Hemp has created the next relaxing and calming solution for dogs and cats. There can be a CBD oil for dogs of 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg with bacon flavor that comes in 30ml vessels. And you can also choose salmon and sweet potato treatments with 100mg of CBD in 18 pieces.
For cats, there is one option only. There is a CBD oil with tuna flavor. It has 250mg of cannabidiol in 1 ml.

Final Thoughts

The CBD is an incredibly fast-growing industry that shows fantastic results in people and animals. But what strikes more, it’s absolutely natural, and Blue Moon Hemp company proves it. Hopefully, this CBD review convinced you to, at least, try going natural, too.