CBD Drip has an excellent reputation proven by a decade of hard and honest work. It manufactures quality hemp-derived products that are beneficial for users’ body and mind.

The company is focused on CBD oils and features an incredible collection of tinctures with the range of other products continually growing and improving. In this CBD Drip review, we’ll explore the assortment, discover the cost for the goods, and find out what users get from them.

About Brand

about CBD Drip

CBD Drip is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. It is known as one of the oldest retailers of hemp-infused goods that started with vape liquids. Its vape additives have become an international hit.

In 2019, CBD Drip got rebranded as EcoScience, and now it operates as its wholesale subsidiary. The company provides hemp oil to businesses and individuals who purchase CBD isolate in bulk.

Most of the products include full-spectrum CBD and have a perfect cannabidiol profile. The users don’t get high but receive significant benefits while consuming hemp products for medical purposes.

The manufacturer sources hemp from the Netherlands. When the material is imported to the United States, it passes through various tests and inspections. Derived from EU-certified hemp plants, the hemp undergoes a CO2 extraction process on the brand facilities and retains most of its natural components.

The company distributes its products via the official website as well as through local retailers and resellers. On all orders over $29.99, free shipping is granted to all directions within the United States. It takes 1-3 business days to deliver goods to the West Coast from the warehouse in Las Vegas. It takes 3-5 days to ship products to the East Coast.

Also, the company provides a return policy that lasts 30 days and refunds products in case they are damaged/defective. The items for return should be unused. Open bottles are not accepted.

The brand offers exclusive promotions, coupons, and discount promo codes. After newsletter signup, new customers receive a 20% discount and free shipping on the first order.

Why choose “CBD Drip”

There are several reasons why people trust this brand and order these products. Here are some advantages that I find the most significant:


  • Famous for its vape additives
  • Has third-party lab tests and gives access to online product analyzes
  • Offers various programs for distributors who want to build sales
  • Affordable prices
  • A trustworthy brand with a solid background and years of experience
  • The products come in different variations and strengths
  • Using the goods won’t make you fail a drug test
  • Backed up by multiple customers’ reviews
  • Provides regular coupon codes, holiday sales (up to 50%), daily deals, etc.
  • Has an educational website

Still, there are some weak points, and I want to highlight them as well:


  • A lot of products contain propylene glycol
  • Some products have THC traces
  • If users return products that are over $75 in value, they should purchase shipping insurance or use a trackable shipping service
  • The lab results state that some products include residual solvents and heavy metals
  • The product range is a bit restricted (no flowers, bath bombs, sprays, etc.)

Brand Products

With a diversity of products offered in its online store, every CBD user will find his/her favorite hemp-infused goods. CBD Drip sells mass-market products:

  • tinctures;
  • capsules;
  • edibles and drinks;
  • vape additives;
  • creams;
  • pet goods.

Each product category comes in a variety of flavors, tastes, and strengths. CBD Drip is a good source to start exploring the wonders of cannabidiol and choose the right type, form, and concentration of CBD.

Vape Additive

Vape aditive

The fans of vaping will find a wide selection of vape specialties released under Ecodrip CBD product label. These vape additives are made of vegan, non-GMO full-spectrum hemp oil. The substance is blended with kosher vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and contains no nicotine. It can be mixed with any e-liquid that you use for vaping just by adding a drop to your vape tank.

The Ecodrip line is manufactured in 3 varieties:

  • gold. This liquid is considered the most efficient option and contains 100 mg of hemp extract/16 mg of CBD. With regular strength, it goes for $4.99;
  • platinum. This is one of the most popular blends, including 400 mg of hemp extract/64 mg of CBD and sells at $9.99. It gives an immediate and strong effect.
  • onyx. This is the most concentrated additive with 1000 mg of hemp extract/160 mg of CBD, which goes for $16.99. It is suitable for experienced users.

The additives are stored in 7 ml (0.24 fl. oz.) bottles. When added to e-juice or in a vape cartridge, it acts in less than a minute. If taken sublingually, it will reach the bloodstream in several minutes. If consumed with drinks and meals, it will take longer to act.

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules CBD drip

Not all CBD products offer the convenience of intake. Some goods cannot be used during travels or business trips. The most convenient administration method for pro-active users is to consume CBD orally in the form of a regular pill/capsule. This is a good option for users who don’t like the raw taste of hemp-rich extracts.

This way of administration is different from vaping and takes more time to act (30-45 minutes), but the hemp compounds stay in the digestive system longer and ensure a prolonged effect.

The encapsulated full-spectrum CBD is manufactured in 2 forms:

  • capsules (or ecocaps);
  • softgels (or ecogels).

The ecocaps feature the higher CBD concentration – 900 mg per bottle (30 servings). The bottles retail for $59.99. The potency of ecogels is 750 mg of CBD per bottle. They sell at the same price ($59.99).

The additional ingredients are coconut oil, terpenes, Omega-3, Omega-6, vitamin E, and fatty acids.

The information on these bottles (as well as on the other brand products) is a bit misleading. The label says that the capsules come with a strength of 5100 mg, and the softgels are potent up to 10800 mg! In fact, these figures indicate the amount of the total hemp extract in the bottle, while the CBD amount is less.

The CBD Drip capsules and gels are also available in smaller packages. A soft package includes 2 servings and goes for $5.99.

CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture CBD drip

СBD Drip is an expert in oil tinctures. Sublingual hemp intake is one of the most effective methods of administration. When a user holds tincture under the tongue, the substance is absorbed by the sublingual gland. Let the liquid dissolve for one minute. In this case, the tincture gets into your body, bypassing the digestive system and entering the bloodstream faster.

The Ecodrops line is produced in 4 various blends:

  • Relief (relieves from pain);
  • Dream (improves sleep);
  • Focus (calms and increases attention);
  • Boost (gives energy).

These tinctures include a formulated mix of essential oils, terpenes, and a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

The RixMix tincture is a special product mixed with a propylene glycol carrier. This tincture is of extra strength and can also be used as an additive to e-liquids. Tasty flavorings dominate the hemp taste, so the aftertaste is not terrible.

CBD Drip oils come in 3 sizes:

  • 1 ml/0.03 fl. oz. with 50 mg of CBD for $5.99;
  • 10 ml/0.33 fl. oz. with 500 mg for $39.99;
  • 30 ml/1 fl. oz. with 1500 mg (max strength) for $99.99.

Read the label on the bottle that indicates how to take the oil correctly. The recommended dosage is 3-10 drops per one serving.

CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets CBD drip

The question about CBD consumption by cats and dogs has raised a lot of discussion among pet owners. Numerous studies at Colorado State University proved the safety and benefits of hemp usage for pets and showed similar positive results for our fur friends. Hemp produces relaxing and soothing effects on pets. It calms dogs down during fireworks or if they have some sort of pain.

Most CBD companies manufacture hemp-infused goods for pets, and CBD Drip is not an exception. The brand offers a full-spectrum oil for dogs with 2 flavors – peanut butter and bacon. Thanks to tasty flavorings, your dog won’t detect the hemp oil.

The product doesn’t include CBD isolate, like in some cheaper brands. The oil comes in 1 fl. oz./30 ml bottles with 300 mg of CBD at $29.99. It is also available in a travel format packed in a sachet (0.03 fl. oz./1 ml) and retails for $3.99.

If you don’t know how to use it, read the online instructions. They are very informative. The oil can be mixed with food or dropped directly in the pet’s mouth.


Drinks CBD drip

This type of CBD product has been invented for people with a busy lifestyle. The drinks provide convenient intake and can be used throughout the day. Each shot contains CBD isolate (25 mg) in its powder form and can be mixed with water.

There are 2 varieties of Ecoshots:

Ecoshots Focused Energy


Ecoshots Chill Relaxation
Mixed berry flavor Grape flavor
Blend of vitamins B3, B6, B2, caffeine, taurine Blend of KAVA, GABA, L-Theanine

The drinks offer 2 opposite effects by boosting your energy or relaxing after a hard-working day. They come in 2 fl. oz./60 ml bottles for $4.99.

Final Thoughts

The CBD Drip products can be recommended for use because a reliable brand makes them. Its webstore offers a typical range of hemp-infused goods. The manufacturer ensures good quality, product testing, and reasonable prices. Most of its products have high hemp concentrations and are suitable for more advanced hemp users. First-time consumers may not appear to be tolerant of all its goods. Beginners should consult a physician before planning a purchase here.

If you’re planning to start a legal CBD business, the brand is a good option because it focuses on bulk products and provides wholesale prices.