Looking for a quality and suitable CBD brand? Endoca CBD brand presents quality and affordable CBD products made from simple ingredients. Through this Endoca CBD review, we share all the needed information.

About Endoca

About Endoca 

The company is based in Denmark, Northern Europe, and was founded by Danish scientist Henry Vincenty in 2010. Henry’s background in hemp cultivation and science led him to the discovery of an exclusive method of extracting CBD component from the hemp plant to create CBD products. The brand’s undertaking is to grow and extract CBD from the hemp which is organic and free of pollutants, compounds, and additives.

The company works together with high ranking biochemists internationally to help advance and refine their products via grueling research and testing. Third-party testing is also done by pharmaceutical and analytical laboratories. The list of products includes:

  • CBD Oil
  • Cream
  • Capsules
  • CBD Suppositories
  • CBD Extract
  • CBD Packs
  • Food Supplements

Endoca guarantees its natural CBD products are of excellent quality and are made from the best organic hemp extracts. The pricing is notably quite facilitated with regard to the quality of the product. Shipping is available across the USA and worldwide to all other countries. I did my payment with a card and the delivery of the product was safe and trustworthy. Offers, discount code, coupon code, and promo code are given to the worth of the order exclusive of costs for delivery and are dependent on the company’s terms and conditions.

Why Choose Endoca?

Many companies are offering CBD products and one would wonder why consider Endoca among all others. Here`s why:

 Assured Quality

Having been a frequent user of its products, I can personally confirm that Endoca has greatly invested in ensuring high and prompt quality control. The company endeavors to keep improving its products hence guarantees the quality and uniformity of the product remains high.

The company uses high testing and high-class equipment to ensure that their products are safe and healthy. Over 200 diverse pesticides and mycotoxins are tested. Its GMP certification together with third-party laboratory checks on the quality.

Pure Extracts Without Harmful Solvents and Chemicals

The company came up with an improved and advanced technology that extracts CBD in a hygienic and harmless way. In addition, they built a high-tech laboratory that conforms with pharmaceutical guidelines.

They also use a highly established CO2 extraction process.  The method is the harmless and most reliable way to make extracts by evasion of using dangerous solvents and compounds ensuring the extracts are clean. My favorite product is the high strength extract which regulates sleep, appetite, and mood with no negative effects.

A Wide Variety of Concentrations and Formulas

At Endoca, there will always be a product suitable for you. This is because Endoca CBD hemp oil extracts come in a wide variety of concentrations and formulas ensuring there is always an appropriate product for your needs. I use the cream every evening before going to sleep and I can attest it really serves me well.  Accessibility of products to anyone regardless of their economic status.

Did you know that the Endoca brand established a foundation known as Endoca Foundation Access Program? The foundation is a non-profit organization established in order to provide individuals and families with the CBD they need but otherwise would not be able to afford it.

The Foundation Access Program is available for low-income individuals with long-term disability. A 50% off is made for purchases made through Endoca online shop for those who are eligible.

Brand Products

The brand products exist in a wide variety making it quite impressive in capturing the needs of the users. Like I highlighted above, I have used the high strength CBD extract which serves me a great deal. The following is a brief highlight of the available brands.



The CBD Oil is presented as;

  • Raw CBD Oil 150 mg CBD +/ ML (strong)

I used the1500 mg of CBD + CBDA per bottle. A drop holds 5 mg of CBD + CBDA. It offers daily wellness and is appropriate for strong doses.

The recommended use is once or twice daily, 1-3 drops per day before meals. I had an option of mixing with my favorite drinks hence I could experience the benefits of the CBD without sacrificing the taste.

  • CBD Oil 150MG CBD/ML (strong)

This contains 1500 mg CBD per bottle with a single drop holding 5 mg of the component. It offers support to daily wellness and is suitable for strong doses. The product pricing is €114.68.

CBD Capsules and Pills

CBD Capsules and Pills

I loved the high strength formula capsules which offer all the natural benefits of the hemp leaf without any of the hemp taste.

The 50 mg capsules are taken by mouth before meals, the recommended dose is 1-2 capsules a day as a dietary enhancement and steadiness must be looked into for positive outcomes to be attained. Storage should be in a cool, dry place and exposure to heat or sunlight should be avoided. The capsules are priced at €114.68 (incl. VAT).

CBD Cream

CBD Cream

Like I highlighted above, I use the cream every evening before going to bed. The cream is comforting and natural. It has instantaneous relief from the extreme dryness of the skin. It is made from 100% ordinary ingredients hence it comprises an effective dose of CBD with appropriate relief.

The Hemp Salve is a good protective cream owing to its comforting and calming properties. The organic salve is also a good topical for the delicate skin on either the face or neck. I would recommend this one to relieve anyone from skin dryness and for the soothing feeling.

The cream is recommended for use on the skin only, that is the face and the body. It is used during the day or at night. Storage should be done at a cool and dry place with no exposure to heat or sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes. The product is priced at €56.88 (incl. VAT).

CBD Extract

CBD Extract

My all favorite product is the high strength CBD extract which has ideal levels of cannabinoids and essential fatty acids. These help to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost appetite. The recommended dosage is 3 times daily use before meals and storage should be in a cool, dry place to avoid exposure to heat or sunlight.

The 2000 mg CBD + CBDA is an extra-strong closest to the ordinary plant and is priced at €177.06 (incl. VAT) while the 3000 mg CBD + CBDA is the strongest closest to the ordinary plant priced at €255.05 (incl. VAT).

Food Supplements

Food Supplements

The raw organic hemp supplement promotes heart and brain health, it improves sweet and spicy dishes, it helps increase natural energy and reduces exhaustion. With all these benefits, every time I think of food supplements, I prefer buying Endoca products. The pricing of their products is quite affordable at only €19.27 (incl. VAT).

The Raw Organic Vitamins and Minerals Powder harnesses the influence of antioxidants and vitamin C which aids raise energy levels, offer good digestion, and supports in the upholding of fit skin.

The product benefits include:

  • Supporting a balanced diet.
  • No synthetic vitamins.
  • Supporting the immune system.
  • Offering natural defenses.
  • Enhances sweet dishes.

The product is priced at €48.62 (incl. VAT) and is, therefore, considered to be quite affordable for the above benefits.

CBD Suppositories

CBD Suppositories

This product offers a substitute path of administering the hemp for anyone who may not be comfortable with the usual mouth administration. I, therefore, would recommend the suppositories in case you have a problem with other routes of administration. The suppositories offer an effective target dose. Rectal route raises the absorption of CBD into the blood system several times in comparison to taking by mouth. The product reviews suggest that it offers support to daily well-being.

The product is presented at 10 suppositories per box containing 500 mg of CBD making it 50 mg of CBD per piece and is priced at €45.87 (incl. VAT).

Final Thoughts: Is Endoca an Excellent CBD Brand?

Endoca is an excellent brand with over 10 years of perfecting and pioneering CBD extraction and purification. I have tried their products and I have had no regrets whatsoever. I also find their prices quite affordable and with excellent discount programs.