Highline Wellness is one of the leading brands selling CBD (Cannabidiol), a primary medical marijuana element. This product comes from Hemp, a close species of marijuana. It is essential to choose a high-quality brand to enjoy medical advantages without the ‘high factor.’ Does Highline Wellness’ cut that threshold?

About Brand

about highline wellness

A New York-based CBD manufacturer, Highline Wellness, focuses on providing high-quality legal CBD products. It started as a trial for college athletes, and when they found the medical advantages to what they created, the brand started.

Manufacturing process

Highline Wellness focuses on creating several CBD products from oil to cream from organic whole-hemp plants procured from local farms in Colorado. They also monitor the farming process to assure that they get a very high-quality raw material. Highline Wellness guarantees that their products are THC-free, vegan-friendly (gummies are not), gluten-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO.

The raw-material again undergoes testing during extracting, processing, and at the final packaging stage. They partner with third-party testing labs to ensure that their products adhere to all state and federal laws in terms of safety and purity. The brand is willing to be open about the entire manufacturing process and testing to its customers.


If you are a newbie, you can choose oil. If you want a solution on-the-go, select the chews, and so on. The types of products available under Highline Wellness CBD are

  1. Oil
  2. Pain cream
  3. Gummies
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Bath bomb
  6. Lip balm
  7. Dog treats


The product is broad-spectrum and THC-free. The primary components are hemp seed oil, carrier oil (organic coconut oil), and vitamin E. The company offers affordable prices with a subscription plan. If not satisfied, you can avail of the 30 days return guarantee.


The brand has stores throughout America in regions like Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, N. Carolina, Chicago, and others. They offer free shipping for orders worth more than $35. Unfortunately, they are open to shipping only in the continental US (N/A to Hawaii or Alaska) from their Pennsylvania fulfilment centre.

Promo code

You can use promotional coupon codes to get a discount code or 20% off for subscription orders.

Why choose Highline Wellness


The products are organic and gluten-free, sugar-free, and made from the high-quality local raw hemp plant via the CO2 extraction method. If you are sceptical about the quality, check their third-party testing.


Each body is different, and so is the tolerance for CBD. Highline Wellness offers different products of diverse dosage levels for all. You can choose to buy Highline CBD for topical or consumption usage.


CBD is not FDA-approved, but Highline Wellness is legal in all USA states. It is safe to use, and every stage of the manufacturing process is certified.

Full-spectrum hemp extraction

This process ensures better absorption of CBD by the body. Thus, you can get better health benefits and instant effect.

Brand Products

Why does Highline Wellness offer different products? Well, the benefits are the same, but the directions to use and dosage varies. If you are sceptical about consuming CBD, you can use topical creams. Here is everything you need to know about each product.


CBD Oil highline wellness

CBD oil is made from Hemp seed with coconut oil as a carrier. Just 1-3 CBD drops in your beverage or directly under your tongue would give you the headstart. All it takes is just 30 seconds to work. You can use it with any food or beverage of your choice.

You can choose mint-flavoured oil, or the citrus-flavoured one in different doses like 1000mg, 500mg, and 250mg. Oil price starts from $35 a bottle. Each bottle has 30ml of premium CBD oil, which is sugar-free, organic, and gluten-free.

If you are looking for CBD for cleanliness, it is better to choose CBD hand sanitizer over oil. It contains Hemp, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol (70%), hydrogen peroxide, and purified water.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies highline wellness

Gummies are more convenient for on-the-road use. They do not have the natural taste, so it is best for newbies. They have 10mg CBD in each gummy and include thiamine and turmeric for enhancing the benefits.

The night gummies come with 5mg of Melatonin for a better sleep cycle. Use the nighttime Highline CBD gummies 30 minutes before plan to hit the bed or right before you get to work in the morning (morning gummies). You can also avoid two products and buy the all-time gummies.

The gummies contain citric acid, natural fruit pectin, CBD, sodium citrate, sugar, corn syrup, and water. A batch contains 30 gummies. The price of the gummies starts from $35.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals highline wellness

Non-sticky body cream contains 150mg of CBD. It has a better absorption ability and contains eucalyptus, aloe, sunflower seeds, rosemary, and Shea butter for the wellness of your skin. They are stress-relievers and hydrate your skin.

You can buy citrus oil infused with CBD body cream for a calming effect. If you are looking for pain relief, you can try the roller for stress and headache. The price for topical starts at $45.

The bath bomb contains CBD, minerals, and essential oils. It helps to fight inflammation, hydrates the skin, and nourishes your body. It also contains exotic items like Calendula powder, Geranium, Frankincense, and others. The price starts from $15 per 100mg pack.

CBD For Pets

CBD For Pets highline wellness

The Highline Wellness dog treats contain 5mg CBD with apple sauce, organic bananas, eggs, and peanut butter. The dose for dogs depends on weight and age.

This product is not vegan-friendly as it contains egg. For starters, give half a treat to your dog, and once it gets adapted, you can move to one treat per day slowly. You can also mix it with other treats or food.

A bag has 20 treats, and each treat has 3mg of CBD. If your pet suffers from pain, anxiety, or other problems, this is the right solution.

Final Thoughts

For medical problems from chronic pain to insomnia, CBD’s medical benefits are enormous. Since the product has 0 THC, you need not worry about the addiction problem. Choose the right product for your needs and start with a small dose. Now, being healthy with CBD is legal.