According to the new legislation, hemp-infused products that include less than 0.03% THC content are considered legal. As a result, the CBD industry has been given a tremendous boost. Hundreds of brands have popped up on the market with some of them (unfortunately) being junk.

Today, we are discussing a trustworthy family-run company Joy Organics, which is worth taking a look at. Its mission is to create high-quality CBD goods. The history of the brand and the manner it operates is different from other companies. Are you ready to know what the difference is?

About Brand

about Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a family-owned business. The story about how it started in 2018 is heart-touching. Its founder Joy Smith suffered from chronic joint pain and had sleep issues. To relieve her sufferings, she turned to natural remedies and discovered hemp-infused products. Not all CBD products were good, and that inspired Joy to start her own company to get quality products.

Nowadays, all her family is involved in the process, and the top-notch quality control is its hallmark. Joy products are organic and pure on all manufacturing stages starting from farming.

The company sources hemp from the United States, mainly from Colorado. It is grown in nutrient-rich soil without herbicides and pesticides. The hemp strains are a property of the company.

The processing facilities are also located in Colorado. During the extraction process, the CO2 method is used to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids. During distillation and refining, the manufacturer removes wax, THC, and other impurities to make a flawless full-spectrum CBD oil. Then, the oil undergoes detailed in-house and third-party testing. Some specific Joy products require an extra step – processing through the patented Nano-emulsion technology. This process allows “breaking” the oil into smaller bits and increasing its bioavailability (absorption).

The company works with customers in mind and offers an incredible return and refund policy. Firstly, it grants a money-back satisfaction guarantee within 30 days. The clients can use the entire bottle before they ask for a refund. Secondly, shipping on all orders is free.

The company publishes regular coupon codes and promo codes, and grants discounts on various product lines periodically. There is a 25% discount code for veterans.

Joy goods are available for sale online and can also be found in retail shops. The helpful store locator on the official website indicates the nearest shops regarding your current position. Customers have an opportunity to consult CBD experts in-store.

The Joy website is worth mentioning as well. It looks professional and offers a convenient menu. It includes tons of useful information concerning hemp products, its benefits, manufacturing process, instructions, etc.

Why choose “Joy Organics”

There are multiple CBD brands on the market. Let’s outline the main characteristics of Joy Organics that differ from other companies:

  • grants special discounts for military and medical personnel, teachers, first responders, etc.;
  • the extended third-party test results are posted online in an easy-to-read format with regular monthly cross-checking;
  • offers free shipping;
  • uses U.S.-grown hemp that corresponds to the standards for organic farming;
  • manufactures goods in the laboratories certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA);
  • has a generous return policy;
  • makes THC-free products that don’t show on a drug test;
  • has a net of shops;
  • offers a sampler pack for beginners;
  • receives multiple positive reviews from clients;
  • offers cute CBD bundles (on-the-go, nighttime, mommy kits, etc.);
  • has a highly educational website with lots of videos;
  • features excellent customer service.

These things I love in Joy Organics. The weak points are the absence of international delivery and a slightly high product cost. CBD users who like vaping will not find a variety of goods here.

Brand Products

Joy Organics is a premium brand with a large selection of CBD products, including CBD isolate (sold in bulk), tinctures, drinks, topicals, edibles, vape pens, softgels, and pet products. The company founder has set high standards and creates high-quality goods.

They are made from broad-spectrum hemp extracts with no THC detectable levels. Some goods are unique and cannot be found in other brands. Read this product guide to know what to expect from these goods and how much to pay for them.

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organics CBD Oil

“Brighten your food and drinks with CBD tinctures.” This is a line from the company slogan.

Indeed, CBD oil is a good way to ingest hemp in order to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, or diminish inflammation. The brand makes classic hemp oil that comes in 1 fl. oz./30 ml bottles and includes 30 servings.

It is available in 4 flavors: natural, orange bliss, summer lemon, and tranquil mint. The potency of this liquid varies – 225, 450, 900, and 1350 mg of CBD per bottle. As you can calculate, the strength of one serving is 7.5, 15, 30, and 45 mg, respectively. The hemp oil with a stronger dosage is recommended for expert users. The price ranges from $29.95 to $99.95 per bottle, depending on the CBD potency.

I’ll devote a separate section to a CBD oil for dogs.

CBD Edible

CBD Edible Joy Organics

By 2022, the market of CBD edibles will be worth over $4 billion. Most of this food tends to be on the sweet side. Each edible can take from 30 to 60 minutes before its effect becomes apparent. It depends on your weight, height, metabolism, level of activity, etc.

The Joy CBD gummies are one of the pleasant and fun ways to ingest CBD. They come in 2 flavors: strawberry lemonade and green apple. There are 30 jellies in a jar with the total potency of 300 mg of CBD. They don’t have an artificial aftertaste and include all-natural sweeteners and coconut oil as an oil carrier. The organic plant-based pectin is used as a gelling agent. The candies are vegan-friendly. The chewing experience is great: the hemp gummies are covered in crystallized sugar and not too chewy. There is a slight bitterness in the taste, but it is not deal-breaking. The jar goes for $39.95.

Another edible is an energy drink. Actually, this is a rare product and a natural energy source.It is a fast-acting product that includes CBD, amino acids, caffeine, and vitamins to boost focus and energy. The drink comes in the form of a powder that should be mixed with water. It is sold in a pack of 5 with 12.5 mg of CBD per packet. It is available in a berry flavor at $19.95.

CBD Softgels & Salve

CBD Softgels & Salve joy organics

Softgels are CBD-infused capsules offered by Joy. Most users like them for the easiest administration method – just by swallowing.

There are 3 varieties of capsules from this manufacturer:

  • Everyday Formula (for $39.95);
  • CBD+curcumin (for $89.95);
  • CBD+melatonin (for $89.95).

They all come in jars with 30 servings, each with the potency of 25 mg. The product with curcumin, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, supports healthy joints, and melatonin promotes healthy sleep and relaxation.

Unlike hemp softgels from other brands, Joy capsules are made with Nano-emulsion technology. This means that their bioavailability is higher than that of regular capsules. They include the smallest possible emulsion droplets and provide better absorption.

The capsules have no flavor and offer a discreet way of administration like a vitamin supplement.

Hemp salve is a targeted relief for joint pain and inflammation. The product consists of organic ingredients, including beeswax and aromatic oils to soothe discomfort. It has a pleasant smell. The salve is very effective and can be applied across the body. It is available in 1 fl. oz./30 ml and 2 fl. oz./60 ml bottles with the potency of 500 and 1000 mg of CBD, respectively. The price ranges from $54.95 to $79.95.

The salve is also available in a convenient twist-up stick format for $32.95 (0.5 fl. oz./15 ml with 250 mg).

CBD for Dog

CBD for Dog joy organics

Most companies that produce CBD aren’t just concerned about human customers, and they manufacture pet products as well. This is a way to make the bonds with your 4-legged friend unparalleled. These products help when your pet expresses anxious behavior (when moving to a new place), experiences discomfort after an injury, has problems with digestion, etc.

As a pet owner, you will be interested in the benefits of CBD goods offered by Joy. It sells dog treats and pet CBD oil tinctures.

Thirty beef-flavored treats come in a jar with 2 mg of CBD per each chew. They include broad-spectrum hemp extract powder and other natural components that will make your dog healthy. The snacks are easily digested and absorbed. They retail for $34.95 per jar.

The hemp tincture is flavorless and suitable for both cats and dogs. It can be added directly to their mouth or food of your fur baby. It comes in 1 fl. oz./30 ml bottles but is available in various strengths. The oil with 225 mg of CBD goes for $29.95, and the oil with 450 mg sells for $53.95.

CBD Cream

CBD Cream joy organics

CBD products have integrated into the world of beauty as well. All skin-care products from Joy don’t include questionable additives and scary chemicals.

Joy CBD cream is one of the top-selling topicals for sale. Being 100% organic, it is specially formulated to soften and moisturize healthy skin. It includes olive oil, natural glycerin, aloe leaf juice, etc. This product is a perfect option if you are looking for long-term skin protection. It has a smooth consistency and doesn’t leave your skin greasy. It comes in a 1 fl. oz./30 ml container with a pump. The cream contains 250 mg of CBD and sells for $32.95.

CBD sports cream is a great post-gym solution to support your muscles. It can be applied before and after a workout. It has a cooling effect and comes with a nice menthol flavor. The 4 fl. oz./120 ml pump bottle is priced for $39.95. Its CBD potency is 400 mg.

In addition, female customers will be interested in a night cream, day cream, eye serum, facial serum, and CBD face masks. Their lab results are available on a separate webpage.

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs joy organics

With CBD bath bombs, you can relax after a hard-working day. They come in a pack of 4 items and contain cocoa butter, lavender oil, and coconut oil. Enjoy all its benefits for $19.95. Each bomb (3.2 oz./91 g) comes with 25 mg of CBD.

Final Thoughts

I love Joy Organics CBD products because the company focuses on quality and is highly obsessed with this point. I can be sure that I consume hemp in its possible purest form, which is absolutely safe.

This is one of the highly recognizable and respected brands in the industry. The variety of products for sale and free shipping are the reasons why I choose Joy. There are several items that I like and regularly purchase as well as special CBD products for my pet. These folks are doing a great job and are well on their way of achieving long-term company goals.