In this article, we are going to analyze Procana CBD oil and its full spectrum of benefits as well as usability potential. This in-depth analysis will bring you closer to the brand and how it can benefit your needs.

About the Brand

about procana

Procana Laboratories was founded in 2013 in California, USA with a mission to raise public awareness on the benefits of cannabinoid therapy. The company uses Hemp grown on US soil to ensure the quality of materials used for their products. Furthermore, Procana employs renowned scientific and medicinal staff to test and analyze each of their products within their own facilities.

Their line of CBD-based products includes:


All of the products developed by Procana Laboratories are tested for side effects and quality, manufactured to meet the rigorous cGMP standards, issued by the FDA. The company partners with more than 1500 affiliate stores across the US, allowing consumers nationwide to purchase their products online and enjoy discount promo codes. Each product has a specific money-back policy, which means you should check the terms before you make your order. The bad news is that Procana doesn’t deliver its goods to consumers outside the US, but you can always browse for partner stores that might have a legit international delivery program.

Why choose “ProcanaCBD”

Procana uses a CO2 extraction method to ensure the quality of their products. This process includes the use of highly pressurized CO2 at low temperatures that preserves the quality and integrity of extracted cannabinoids.

Each of the CBD products manufactured by Procana is tested for quality and safety, according to industry standards set by the US FDA.

Their product price range is reasonable for the level of quality they impose. Furthermore, the company offers military discounts and promo codes that make their products even more attractive to consumers with a limited budget.

Another reason why Procana CBD products represent a good choice is their Free Shipping policy for purchases that exceed $75. Also, there is a money-back guarantee for damaged products.

Brand Products

Now let’s go over individual product reviews and see what each of them has to bring to the table.

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures procana

Procana tinctures come in a range of doses, depending on your tolerance level and application requirements. The offer includes Balance, Complete, and Ultra CBD oil tinctures packed in 30ml (1 OZ) dropper bottles for facilitated application.

  • CBD Balance is available for $24.99 and is intended for daily use.
  • CBD Complete is a potent tincture that will cost you $39.99, suitable for the more intense pain that you wish to deal with quickly.
  • CBD Ultra is the most potent product within this series with the $59.99 price tag.

To apply CBD oil, just use a dropper and insert a drop of oil under the tongue. The effects are fast, relinquishing pain, and providing a sense of serenity and calm.

CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets procana

If you’re a pet owner, this line of products includes CBD oil manufactured for cats and dogs of all sizes. The smallest pack is made for pets less than 12 pounds (6kg) while the most potent tincture allows pain relief for pets that weigh 100 pounds (50kg) and more. The use is simple enough; just add it to your pet’s food and see the calming effects taking in shortly.

The price range for this series of CBD oil products starts at $16.99 and builds up to $22.99. However, if you prefer soft-gel over droplets, there is also a Vet formula with 30 soft-gel tabs for $29.99.

CBD Vape

CBD Vape procana

When it comes to vaping products, Procana has an interesting set of disposable pens and CBD vape liquid Cartridges. Ultra-fast acting vape pens cost only $25 and come with a series of flavors, including:

  • Classic OG
  • Fresh Menthol
  • Tangie
  • Smooth Vanilla

As for their CBD cartridges, their price is set at $20, providing you with 200mg of CBD oil with the same choice of flavors offered with their vape pens.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies procana

Procana’s CBD gummies are tasty, vegan, and made with natural ingredients, bringing you both great flavors and all the benefits of cannabinoids such as pain relief and a sense of serenity and wellbeing. Gummies are packed in two different sizes (750 mg and 300 mg). The larger back offers 30 chews, each packing 25mg of CBD, while the smaller container includes the same number of eatables with a single chew providing you with 10mg of CBD.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals procana

Manufactured for people with muscle and joint issues, Procana CBD Topicals come in the form of a roll-on and Spray. There are two sets of products, both containing CBD oil and Arnica Montana extracts that you can apply over the affected area. Extra Strength Topicals are intended for more severe cases and come with a price set at $24.99 for roll-on and $29.99 for spray. Regular dosage comes at a lower price; roll-on costs $19.99 while the spray goes for $24.99.

CBD Capsules & Softgels

CBD Capsules & Softgels procana

Procana CBD capsules are made using CBD Isolates to assure a higher concentration of cannabinoids per cap. There are three different types of this product ranging from 240mg to 1500mg of CBD per bottle, each containing 30 capsules. What separates capsules from a tincture is the precision of the dosage that comes with every tab you insert. The effects are not in any way different; you’ll feel serenity and pain relief quickly after taking the required dose.

Final thoughts

According to all available Procana CBD oil reviews, this company offers a high-quality line of products at a reasonable price. Their offer is diverse, and all products include lab results that ensure the quality and effectiveness of their merchandise. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, Procana offers full-spectrum Hemp extracts that will help you deal with these conditions.