Are you looking for a reliable CBD supplier who you can trust? Then you should pay attention to Pure CBD Vapors company that not only manufactures their own products but offers the other real trust-worthy brands, too. That’s what this review is dedicated to.

About “Pure CBD Vapors”

Pure CBD Vapors

Unlike the majority of CBD manufacturers, the Pure CBD Vapors is a marketplace that suggests customers their products along with others’ brands including:

  • Jolly Green Oil
  • Dank Labs
  • Hemp Bombs
  • Hemplucid
  • Blue Moon Hemp
  • Hempzilla CBD
  • CBD For the people
  • Green Garden Gold
  • Funky Farms
  • Donkey Pops, etc.

And they do value their users so the customer service is on the highest level.

The motto and the principle of work are to deliver the purest and excellent quality CBD oil and other related products. For this purpose, all the produce are subject to third-parties testing before they become available on the official website. Moreover, if you are not sure about a particular product, you can download and read a full report of what has been done to it and what ingredients it consists of before it comes to you.

The Pure CBD Vapors initiated its work in 2014 when the CBD industry was a novice one. The current owner and its founder is Anthony Bautista. The headquarters is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

What concerns the shipping policy, it’s user friendly so any customer with the USA address receives an order in 5 business days for small parcels. Meanwhile, the shipping time for particular products usually doesn’t exceed 7 business days. Besides, for orders more than $100 you will get free of charge shipment.

For wholesale requests, you may get an additional discount. But it doesn’t mean that for regular orders you can’t get any coupons at all. In fact, subscribing allows you to receive a promo code that drops the original price down for the next purchase.

On a separate note, the refund policy is simple to understand. You can rely only on an 80% refund (ignoring 20% of shipping fee and restocking) in case the product has the manufacturer’s sealed package and no later than 15 days after purchase. Besides, don’t forget that the shipment cost for returning the product you are not satisfied with is your responsibility either.

Why Choose “Pure CBD Vapors”

Being familiar with all the strong and weak points of a particular company will help you to make the firm decision. In addition, it will potentially protect you from fakes and unexpected results. Thus, here are the grounds why Pure CBD Vapors should be your reliable partner.

  1. The Pure CBD Vapors is a manufacturer that appeared right at the beginning of CBD popularity. Till now, there have been delivered more than 340 thousand orders that consequently received positive reviews.
  2. There is a huge variety of products that match any request. Moreover, there are only trusted brands so every user will get a necessary product just by clicking a button.
  3. All the products that are on the official web-site are legit, tested in laboratories by third-parties, and received confirmation certificates, so they are safe for use.
  4. There is a huge assortment of products on sale, too. This option is really helpful for people who are new to CBD products or not sure which one is better. Purchasing one of the “on-sale” products allows you to get acquainted with them and choose which works better for you.
  5. There is a 20% off for military veterans. In order to get it, users should fill in the form for verification.

Brand Products

The website of Pure CBD Vapors has an enormous amount of items. But, be sure, you can find the perfect match of CBD vape related items such as e-liquid or pens, and even CBN kits. Besides, there are some products that are more natural such as flower buds, as well as other more traditional options such as oils. Moreover, for those who care about their beauty, there are sprays, creams, shampoo, sanitizing liquids, conditioners. And you can also find some edibles such as CBD gummies. The only thing is that all these options are not produced by Pure CBD Vapors, but just a few of them, and they are mentioned below.

CBD Oil Vape

CBD Oil Vape

Vape oils are the most effective method that can make you relaxed from the first breath with your vaping tool. Pure CBD Vapors has a nice selection of 30ml bottles with oil that differ by their strength: 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. The price starts from $25.00 and raises according to the concentration of the active substance in it. In addition, you can choose a flavor according to your taste: Wowi Maui, Purple Haze, Strawberry Bliss, and Peach Kush. Finally, right now you can get an extra bottle if you order one of these.

CBD Vape Starter Kit


The CBD Vape Starter Kit is a life-saver for those who haven’t decided yet. The Pure CBD Vapors has a variety of Natural Distilled CBD 30% Starter Kits that are available in two dose options: 500mg and 1000mg.

The price starts from $45.00 and depends on the dose and number of cartridges you choose. In addition, you can select one from five available tastes:

  • Pineapple Express
  • Mango
  • Sour Diesel
  • Skywalker OG
  • Natural

CBD Vape Cartridge


Cartridges for vaping tools are specially designed for pens that come in a vape starter kit. So once you run out of the liquid you can refill it by replacing the cartridges that are easy to find on the Pure CBD Vapors website. Currently, the flavor options are absolutely the same as in Starter kits.

Choose the cartridge by what dose you need: 500mg, or 1000mg. The price starts from $35.00 and depends on the number of cartridges and dose that you order.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice

Vape juice made by Pure CBD Vapors must be the most popular product among others. Thus, not without a purpose, the brand dedicated special attention to this category. They are available in two dose options: 25mg and 50mg. The first one costs $24.99 for one flavor or $89.99 for a kit that includes all of them.

As for a higher dosage, one bottle costs $29.99 and a set of 4 bottles is $110. Besides, both options are available in 4 flavors that come in 10ml bottles:

  • Strawberry Bliss
  • Peach Kush
  • Wowi Maui
  • Purple Haze

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, nowadays not all the brands can show how the discipline at work and sticking to high standards can bring nice results. Luckily, Pure CBD Vapors can serve as a great example of the best experiences so other companies now can aim to achieve their results. And trying at least one of their products will certainly make you confident about it.