Vaping has surprised the world in recent years, by rapidly turning into mainstream, healthier option to smoking. Regardless, while picking a brand of CBD pen to enjoy, it is important to ensure that a brand that doesn’t make use of additional hurtful fillers is chosen to prevent the positive medical advantages of CBD from being counterproductive.

About Vape Bright

Vape Bright was founded and established by CEO Jason Hand in conjunction with Ben Smith as the chief chemist. They set out to enter the scene by providing CBD items containing the purest ingredients with no additional synthetic substances while increasing potency simultaneously. This drive for originality and purity brought forth the idea to create an unadulterated device to legitimize and normalize the CBD Vaping market. With its legit unending dedication to top quality, innovation and authenticity, this brand has grown in recent years to become one of the front liners in the CBD vaping industry.

Today, Vape Bright is set to be the biggest seller of pure and sound cannabidiol extracts and products that are chemical and other solvents free. This advances in great general well-being and helps for different well-being conditions, one of the fundamental drivers of advancing CBD use in the market.

Currently, this brand only sells one product “THRIVE,” which contains vaping items, like the starter packs, battery, cartridges, charger, and a carrying case. THRIVE continues to blossom in the vaping industry as it continues to garner the love and attention of pen smokers from all over. Lab results for Vape Bright products are available on its website.

Why Choose Vape Bright

Above all, Vape Bright’s goal is to create a network of individuals who have increased confidence in CBD and its healing power. It permits individuals who are affectionate about the wondrous effects of CBD to collaborate in a bid to promote and endure that CBD becomes accessible to all, regardless of location on the globe. Vape bright believes that incorporating CBD into your day-to-day medicinal routine improves both the mental and physical state of all and guarantees that you can carry on with your life to its fullest, appreciating each second. That is what this brand aims to promote through its vaping products.


Thrive CBD Cartridges

Thrive CBD Cartridges vape bright

Thrive CBD cartridges are accessible in two variants — the Vape Bright Thrive and Vape Bright Thrive Beyond. Online vape bright reviews for these cartridges revealed a flawless and all-natural CBD oil taste experience, that doesn’t have THC. Every cartridge guarantees a mild CBD impact upon each hit. They are making it perfect for beginners.

As a frequent vape user searching for a more impactful CBD experience to boost your system, the thrive Beyond is guaranteed hit. The cartridges contain organically seasoned additives designed to make your vaping experience better hit by hit. The cartridges are accessible in packs that include 1, 3, or 5 cartridge pieces. The price for the 5-pack Thrive Beyond CBD Vape Cartridge is $247.

Thrive CBD Starter Pack

Thrive CBD Starter Pack vape bright

Are you looking to try out Vape Bright products for the first time? The CBD starter pack is an extraordinary way to know more about the brand? Through the starter packs, pen users of any experience level will have the option to experience the brand’s uniqueness in total. Each pack contains one vape cartridge of various CBD oil quality and strength, depending on preference. Depending on the CBD pen strength you select, you may experience different effects ranging from mild, chilling, to maxing out impacts. The starter pack contains a cartridge, battery, charger, and case for moving around.

Vape Bright Inspire

Vape Bright Inspire vape bright

Vape Bright’s new run, “INSPIRE,” is the world’s first natural CBD vape oil to have kava included in Juul-compatible cartridges. Kava is a well-known natural healing remedy known through time because of its calming properties, which, when joined with CBD, upgrades its psychological and calming impacts.

Battery cage

Vape Bright additionally offers a different battery and charger case that goes with the Thrive Beyond CBD Cartridge. The item brags of long battery life and quick charging capability. Users can also make use of the 3.2-volt setting to deliver the most extreme vapor. Currently, the price for the Battery cage is $20.


Vape Bright’s Thrive Beyond Cartridge is formulated to amplify the healing properties of CBD. The item contains more than 250mg of unadulterated CBD, and every cartridge has 25 servings, providing at least 10mg of CBD per hit.

It’s worth noting that the Thrive Beyond CBD doesn’t contain oil fillers such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Final Thoughts

Quality-wise, Vape Bright is a brand that merits the fame and acknowledgment it has today. For a CBD product supplier, having just one line of an item can be extremely restricting; however, their decision to concentrate on one item has benefited them as they have had the option to perfect their products in accordance with their objective of giving perfect and unadulterated CBD vapes. Coupon codes, discount codes and promo code are available for the vape bright