Care to Know More about Charlotte’s Web? These Charlotte’s Web CBD Products Reviews are Made for You!

If you are a part of the marijuana connoisseurs community for even the shortest amount of time, you’ve definitely heard of the world renowned Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. Or if you prefer other products that make your day significantly brighter, more energized, and happier – this company has so much more to offer.

In this company review, you’ll learn how Charlotte’s Web transformed the medical CBD world and improved the lives of thousands of patients around the globe. The company overview will also include a full list of products that they sell, so brace yourself for a real treat.

What’s Unique about Charlotte’s Web?

Also known as CW Hemp, this is one of the best established cannabis companies in the world. Seated in Colorado, the brand has its name on a variety of products, including CBD Mint Chocolate, CBD Oil, capsules, gummies, and more. This Charlotte’s web review will soon explore each of these, but let’s dig deeper into the company first.

The brothers who created this company, of which there are seven, had tons of experience in cultivating cannabis. After their amazing story, these experts made it their mission to grow and provide people with some of the best CBD-rich pot in the US and worldwide.

Their strains are unique because they have huge amounts of CBD and minimal, almost negligible THC content. In fact, their THC content goes lower than 0.3% while their CBD is over the roof, making this quite the unique cannabis brand. This is exactly what made the Stanley Brothers popular with the crowd. By extracting the CBD oils from hemp and not marijuana, they made marvellous products available to all.

The best part about their products is that they are all available without the need of a medical cannabis card and yet, you can reap the many benefits that Charlotte’s Web products offer.

The Stanley Brothers did not stop there. They proceeded to educate the public on hemp CBD and using products with high CBD numbers. On their official website, you can truly dig into and explore the world of hemp-based CBD oils.

Because of all this, Charlotte’s Web Hemp is known to be the world’s most trusted hemp extract.

What is the Story Behind Charlotte’s Web CBD?

One of the most entertaining things about this brand and also, the top piece of this Charlotte’s web review is the story that took the Stanley Brothers to the fame they are enjoying today. Their popularity took over the American CBD market after the amazing story of a Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte Figi was a young girl who made the headlines in national news for the use of CBD oil that miraculously saved her life. Since her birth, this girl suffered from epilepsy that caused hundreds of seizures every week. Her family tried everything medicine had to offer with little to no improvement.

The family did not give up. They got in touch with the Stanley Brothers just because of great word of mouth. They decided to try the new genetically-selected oil extract that is low in THC and high in CBD.

Let’s make this story short now. The CBD oil of the famous brothers reduced the seizures of this girl to the minimum, to just a few per month. That’s why they’ve decided to name the company after the girl before they continued to spread their miraculous products with the rest of the medical cannabis community.

The same results seen in Charlotte were later replicated in many children who suffered from Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte’s Web soon became one of the first companies to produce highly effective medical grade CBD products. From their point forward, they’ve kept their tradition of innovation and excellence to the highest level.

The Core of Our Charlotte’s Web Review: What Products Does This Brand Sell?

If you thought that the only thing about CW Hemp is their iconic CBD oils, you are very mistaken. In the last couple of years, CW Hemp dedicated their many resources and talents into making a whole range of new products. Lab results have shown that each of their products is an amazing addition to the medical cannabis community. This includes the following:

  • CBD oils, of course
  • CBD gummies for insomnia and sleep problems
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD drops for dogs
  • CBD topicals and creams

To help you decide what you’ll use your coupon code on next, we’ve created short, but detailed information packages for each of the product types.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlottes-Web oil image

Stanley brothers’ biggest pride is their CBD oil. Today, they produce it in different concentrations, which is the main difference between their various oil products.

Here are your options:

50 mg/mL

Right from the beginning, Charlotte’s Web had an impressive formula. Their 50mg in 1 mL product was their initial formula. To create it, the Stanley brothers used an alcohol-based process for extraction, compared to the CO2 method they use for most of their products now.

If you choose to go for their original product, you have two flavours and package sizes to choose from. There’s the delicious mint chocolate oil and the traditional olive oil that’s perfect for edibles. The options in terms of size are 30 or 100ml.

60 mg/mL

The Stanley brothers soon decided to create something much stronger for those who need more potency. This is it – their product with the highest concentration of CBD in their entire selection. Unlike the first product, this option uses C02 methods for extraction. If you choose the strongest oil concentration, you can select between the Mint Orange variety, their amazing Twist oil, or the widely popular Orange Blossom. The same sizing options apply here.

7 mg/mL

Following the highly potent oils is the weak, yet very effective oil product. This is the perfect solution for novice oil users who haven’t yet tried the miraculous benefits of CBD hemp. By using C02 extraction, the Stanley Brothers created four tastes for this item. You can find all tastes from the previous product with the addition of the natural flavour in their Olive oil.

17 mg/ mL

Lastly, you have an option that goes somewhere in the average between high and low. This is your chance to gradually increase the intake and once again, see how the oils make you feel. Made with the same C02 method of extraction, this is also a favourite among novice users.

As you can see, the Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is a very versatile product. You can add it to your coffee or your tea in the morning or simply drop it under your tongue. Customers of the brand use the oils to improve their sleep patterns, deal with a variety of medical issues, deal with stress and anxiety, or simply to get perspective or focus on the tasks in hand.

All the oils by this company are full-spectrum. What does this mean? It means that all the phytocannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant are maintained in the formula. As a result, these products supply the user’s body with many nutrients and organic compounds.

Many people say that the oils by Charlotte’s Web were life-changing for them. After all, this is the signature product of the brand. If you opt for the more potent versions, you’ll notice that the prices are much higher. Thankfully, there are some hefty bundle packs at great discounts. To get them, all you need is a coupon code.

Here are some of the prices:

7mg/ mL $39.99 to $99.99
17mg/ mL $74.99 to $188.99
50mg/ mL $149.99 to $274.99
60mg/ mL $164.99 to $299.99

Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules

Charlottes-Web capsules image

Capsules are also one of the favourite types of products by this brand, ideal for those who don’t like the taste of oil in their mouth or their coffee. They are also really popular with customers who desire to consume CBD hemp on the move. After all, oils aren’t all that practical when you’re moving around.

To be fair, capsules and oils aren’t very different in terms of their formula or manufacturing process. The difference that’s worth noting is that the capsules contain organic extra virgin oil. You can find and buy them in one of two sizes: 15mg and 24mg per capsule. Whichever of these you choose, you should know that they come in options of  30, 60, and 90 capsules in a bottle.

Charlotte’s Web has done a marvellous job in finding a great alternative to the standard oil products. Same as the CBD oils by this brand, capsules also contain a full spectrum variety of cannaninoids and phytocompounds.

The price of the capsules goes between $54.99 and $94.99 depending on the size you decide to purchase. If this hurts your budget, you might want to consider their bulk prices. They come with discounts and you can access them by using a coupon code.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Charlottes-Web gummies image

Gummies are a rather new innovation to the list of options at this company. They assist people by providing stress reduction, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, etc. Here are their many uses:

  • Use the gummies named Calm to reduce stress in your body
  • Use the gummies named Recovery to kill inflammation in your body or muscles
  • Use the gummies names Sleep to get more sleep and of better quality

Containing lemon balm and L-theanine, the Stanley brothers’ gummies are a delicious and beneficial treat. They’ve also decided to add some turmeric and ginger for even better effects in users. If you choose to buy these, you should know there is an option to try all three in a single package that is currently available for sale. If you go for a single package of any kind of gummies, this costs $54.99.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Isolates

Charlottes-Web isolates image

Charlotte’s Web has expanded their product list to pure CBD. Of course, compared to the nice and tasty edibles and topical, this one is not so frequently used. However, there are people who have allergies to some of the organic compounds in the hemp. The isolates are an ideal way for them to boost their product’s CBD content.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Topicals and Creams

Charlottes-Web cream image

For the perfect CBD infusion, you can use the Topical and Creams by Charlotte’s Web. There are two options:

  • Hemp Infused Cream w/ CBD
  • Hemp Infused Balm w/ CBD

The creams sell at a price of $14.99 for the balm and $49.99 for the cream. The cream contains Aloe, Vitamin B5, and Coconut Oil, which has amazing results for the skin. If you want the bigger version of the balm i.e. the large 1.5 oz container, this one costs $39.99.

CBD for Dogs

Charlottes-Web for pets image

What came as a surprise and turned out to be extremely popular was the CBD for dogs product by the company. You can now purchase calming chews for dogs or even get a bundle with chews for both the dog and the owner. The individual package of calming chews for dogs, whether it is for young or senior dogs, is $19.99.

Pros and Cons of company

If you take a couple of minutes to check the reputation of Charlotte’s Web, you’ll realize that this is probably the most beloved CBD brand in the USA. Even so, all companies have their set of pros and cons. Let’s take a look.


  • Products of very high quality
  • Rigorous testing processes
  • Safety certificates for all products


  • Steep prices, especially for the high potency CBD oils



Many people nowadays look for relief for many things. Thankfully, there are now options for things that were beyond our reach before, and Charlotte’s Web is a brand that proves it all. What started as an amazing, inspiring story of a little sick girl turned into renowned brand that has helped thousands of people throughout the years.

Charlotte’s Web is a brand that constantly teaches, innovates, and produces CBD items that live up to all expectations. This Charlotte’s Web review listed all the products they have in their list right now, but seeing how far the Stanley brothers have come in these past few years, we can sure expect more amazing things to follow.