Populum aims to make CBD benefits accessible and affordable for everyone.  They take their name from the Latin word ad Populum meaning “for the people.” The brand uses food-grade ethanol extraction method followed by fractionalized distillation to process their hemp. Their CBD hemp is sourced from domestic Colorado farms.  Populum offers their customers a 30-day no-risk trial. The goodness of this brand doesn’t stop there. You can find out more about the brand by reading this Populum review.

Company Overview

About Populum

Populum’s mission is to destigmatize hemp which has been falsely criticized for years and make the benefits of pure, premium hemp available, affordable, and open to everyone.

As an effort to fulfill their mission, the company is I partnering with local farms in Colorado. They also provide third-party results for all their products. They are transparent in their dealings and you can find all Populum info on their website.

What is Unique about Populum?

Populum offers CBD oil that is us uniquely filled with ingredients that reconciles your internal system.

  • They provide their users with high-quality hemp extract by working with local US farmers.
  • Their products are well formulated by removing unwanted compounds to ensure maximum potency level of the cannabinoids.
  • All their products are formulated on a GMP standard facility. Also, all extracts are tested and bottled with care.
  • They ship and deliver to their customers the latest batch of their products. They also attach third-part test results with each batch.

Populum Company Review


Populum was founded by Gunhee Park and Ola Osuga in 2016. The duo created the company with the intention of offering consumers with high-quality hemp products. They source their hemp from plants grown locally in Colorado. All their products are tested and signed off by Certified PhDs as a guarantee of premium quality. The lab results are then added in each package during delivery to the customer. Populum is the first American CBD company offering the 30-day no-risk trial for new customers.

Based on some Populum CBD reviews, this brand is rated as one of the tops in the industry. Its benefits have been echoed with many referring to it as a magic working hemp oil. It has been shown to improve sleep and reduce stress and pain.

Populum offers a carefully processed selection of CBD products that include capsules, oil, pet hemp oils, and rub gels with natural plants. There are shipping fees involved!

Populum Products

Populum’s CBD product lineup is focused and intentional. It comprises of the following:

Hemp CBD Oil: this is Full-spectrum CBD oil that is mixed with grape seed oil and coconut oil and added orange essential oil for flavoring. It is available in 30 ml bottles with concentrations of 1,000, 500, and 259 milligrams.

When starting, the recommended dose is one serving of 8 milligrams to 8.5 milligrams of hemp CBD per day. The oil is taken by squeezing it under the tongue to let it absorb. You can even mix it with food or drinks.

Cold Therapy Hemp Rub: this is a menthol rub with 0.9 mg of full-spectrum CBD per ml. it includes other plant ingredients like chamomile, arnica, and aloe vera which boost the soothing effect.

This rub gel is applied on the skin to offer a quickly relief the user from muscle and joint pain. It has a cooling relief as well and provides you with the CBD benefits infused in the gel.

Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil: this comprise of 100 mg full-spectrum CBD oil, mixed with coconut oil and hemp seed oil. It used in cats and dogs.

It can be given directly or added to food. It helps endorse coolness and overall health of the pet. As is the case with all other products, Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil is made using natural ingredients.

Hemp CBD Capsules:  these are gluten-free gel capsules with 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil in each capsule.

Populum uses the full-spectrum process to get CBD. The procedure leaves small amounts of THC but this measure is below the 0.3% THC limit and therefore doesn’t have psychoactive feature.

Products by Populum are suited to managing health disorders like pain and anxiety as well as promoting good sleep. Populum offers users with alternatives to the strong hemp taste and aroma common to other CBD products through their rub that is mentholated and the orange flavored oil.

Lab Reports

To offer their consumers with a peace of mind. All its products are taken through third-party testing. The testing is done in two stages: the batch test which is supplied alongside the product and the standard formulation test which is shown in their product pages.

Populum Coupons and Discounts

Populum provides regulars with a subscription service at 5% discount. Once a customer subscribes, they will receive the product on a monthly basis without having to make orders. Once an order has been made, you can choose between the expedited or free delivery options. The former option goes for a fixed price of $7. Normally, it takes 4-5 business days to receive your product if you choose free delivery. If you choose expedited option, your order will be delivered within 2-3 business days. Currently, they offer shipping services in the United Sates only.

Populum also offers a 25 percent discount to United States military veterans. To qualify, veterans are required to fill out a form on Populum’s site and submit a copy of discharge paperwork, DD214, a VA card, or military ID.

If you want to buy Populum CBD products, you can use a coupon code offered by your favorite online seller. It allows you to get a certain percentage off the set price.

Populum Product Pricing

CBD oil can be quite an investment, especially if you become a regular user or are using it for medical reasons. Finding a high-quality oil with an affordable price is quite important. Higher concentrated and organic products are more expensive.

So, where does Populum fit in the market?

Product Price
Full- Spectrum Hemp CBD Oils

100 mg-$35

250 mg- $70

500 mg-$120

1000 mg-$200

Cold Therapy Hemp Rub 100 mg- $45
Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil 100 mg $35
Hemp CBD Capsules 750 mg- $109


Positive and Negatives of Populum CBD


  • Free shipping with each order: the firm offers free shipping services for users living in the US. The delivery time ranges between 4-5 working days.
  • 30-day risk-free trial for one product per client: this is allowed for new customers for them to try the product and feel its benefits before they can decide to place more orders.
  • Each product comes with test results for that specific batch. Consumers can be assured that they are getting what they need.
  • 25% discount for United States military veterans.
  • 20% discounts for regular subscriptions.
  • All products are made using complementary natural ingredients. The company gets it hemp from local farmers in Colorado.


  • The CBD capsules uses gel which might be harmful for vegans.
  • They have fewer products and distillates.
  • No products are guaranteed to be 0% THC, despite being less than 0.3% THC.

Safety Certificate

All Populum CBD’s products are packed in a GMP-certified facility. Consumers can be confident that the product they are being offered is of the highest quality.

Populum Contact Details

You can reach Populum CBD in any of the following ways:

Populum on Social Media

Final Verdict

Populum CBD is a professional and transparent company that ticks every box to be classified as the finest CBD oil provider. The potency of their CBD oil is lower compared to some other quality CBD oils. However, the taste is the best you will can ever get with CBD oils. Theirs is the best hemp flavor as is revealed by some of the top Populum reviews online. The fresh orange tang is a stimulating change from the majority of CBD oils that have a slightly bitter taste. Therefore, if you are searching for a CBD oil that you intend to take on a daily basis, Populum CBD oil is unquestionably the one you need.