Though those who like vaping more than smoking can consume CBD in their favorite way – cannabidiol isolates or extracts can also be vaporized. As for devices, you do not even have to purchase something extraordinary or high-end to make things work – you need a regular vape pen, vape cartridges, and vape oil. Let us take a look at each of these popular vape products in more detail. 

  1. Vape pens. If you are a beginner, you can purchase a disposable pen. That has several advantages. Firstly, you do not choose vape oil – such pens are prefilled with CBD oil. The device itself is easy to use – the single unit is attached to the atomizer, and a consumer just needs to vape until the oil is done. If you are an experienced vaper, a refillable vape may be a better option. In this case, you might need cartridges or vape oil. 
  2. Cartridges. They are pre-filled with the CBD distillate and can be used with most standard vape pens. Both disposable and refillable cartridges are available in most good stores. 
  3. Vape oil. If you have a refillable vape pen and use it regularly, you will need to purchase oils from time to time, too. This product contains cannabidiol isolate, the so-called thinning agents, and flavoring, which is really important to most consumers just because not all of them like the real grassy and bitter flavor of CBD.