of us dread over the endless daily tasks, the fact that the weekend ended, or the deadline for an important project. There’s simply too much stress in life today for us to deal with. Well, it’s precisely this that prompted Schmitt and Sill to open the company named Sunday Scaries CBD.

After realizing how great CBD is and how it can reduce stress and anxiety, they decided to jump into the business of helping people. However, they chose to go local instead of using overseas companies for hemp. Even today, this company uses homebred hemps from Colorado farms that are owned by families, as well are state-regulated.

This is just one of the things that made writing this company review a truly enjoyable experience. If you want a more detailed company overview, keep reading this Sunday Scaries review.

What’s the Story Behind All the Sunday Scaries CBD Reviews?

About Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries’ marketing strategies are based solely on the benefits that CBD offers for beating the constant stress we all deal with each day. They make great use of organic protocols in all the US farms they partner up with to create the CBD products. That being said, customers can be certain that the hemp used in the manufacturing at Sunday Scaries CBD falls in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

To make their products more sustainable and effective, this company uses CO2 extraction in their manufacturing process. Their products are tracked and examined throughout the process, leading to amazing lab results that confirm the reasons why this company is so popular.

Beau and Mike have progressed a lot since the brand establishment, and the many Sunday Scaries reviews certainly confirm this. They are constantly coming up with new innovative products, some of which include the latest CBD energy shots or the CBD candy called Unicorn Jerky that earned this company its Charity Badge.

The story behind the latter is quite interesting, to be fair. This candy was created to honour one fallen comrade. To achieve this, the company decided to provide people with a tasty CBD item that helps them memorialize an amazing person – all at the same time.

All CBD products by this brand are tested by the Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs. To ensure that the customers know what they’re getting at all times, the founders have decided to place all lab reports and lab results on their website.

Being able to boost your mood and energy nowadays is quite amazing. But, being able to do this with approved, all-natural ingredients in the forms of gummies or oils – is something you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Thanks to the use of artificial flavours and the great variety of products, Sunday Scaries has created products for every taste and budget.

How Did Sunday Scaries Begun?

Mike and Beau started off small. They started creating CBD gummies to ease their own hangovers, reduce their everyday stress, and pretty much beat the dread that comes when you’re facing Monday – again. To do this, they experimented with CBD and created various formulations. But, due to issues with dosing and prices, it took them some time to create the Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies we all know and love. Eventually, Beau and Mike decided to create a CBD oil that’s affordable, effective and cures those Sunday scaries in people.

As you’ve probably assumed already, they got the inspiration from the name from their own dreadful experience. Do you know that terrible feeling when the weekend is over and you have to face Monday again? That happens at the end of Sunday, which is where this brand got its name.

The people behind the widely recognized Sunday Scaries CBD brand of today, Mike and Beau, were previously bar owners in San Diego. Their initial plan was to open a second bar but, as soon as they realized how helpful CBD has been for dealing with their ‘Sunday Scaries’, they’ve decided to go another well.

And yes, we all know how well that decision turned for them.

At that time, CBD products were rare on the market, and the ones that existed hardly offered a lot of quality or great effects. This was a very risky step to take, but every customer of the company nowadays is grateful that the two owners chose to take that risk.

From the beginning, the goal was to create a brand that makes CBD accessible and beneficial for all who need it. They sought to develop a great line of high-quality products of great variety. A couple of years later, they already had a few different popular items. Today, they have a wide range of Sunday Scaries CBD gummies, candies, tinctures, dog treats, and of course, the new energy shots.

The Core of Our Sunday Scaries CBD Review: What Products Does This Company Sell?

The story is impressive, but what most of you anticipate in this Sunday Scaries CBD review is this part – the products. When you know that a company is safe to use, the only thing you need to know is what you can get there and at what cost. Let’s explore this.

Sunday Scaries Tincture

Sunday Scaries Tincture

The tinctures by Sunday Scaries mark the beginning of the brand and until this day, remain one the most flawless products the company has. In fact, the tinctures by these manufacturers are different from anything you’ve tasted in the CBD industry. Why? Because they don’t just create broad-spectrum tinctures and oils, but they also add vitamins like B12 and D3 that will enrich your nervous system and boost your immunity.

To make their tinctures healthier, more effective, and give it a softer and more attractive taste, Sunday Scaries also mixed the formula with organic stevia and coconut oil. All this is mixed into CBD droppers of 30mg each.

A single bottle of the tincture costs $75, while you can also enjoy some great discounts by buying packages of two, three bottles, or even subscribing for a monthly tincture delivery. Monthly plans start at $64 per month.

Sunday Scaries Energy Drink

Sunday Scaries Energy Drink

Energy drinks are really popular nowadays, and the ones that contain CBD are exceptionally effective. Due to the high quality hemp and many vitamins contained in this brand’s products, their energy drinks are frequently used by people who need a bit of pick-me-up in order to get through with their day at work or at school. It’s also used by people who participate in sports.

According to the lab results, the Sunday Scaries reviews, as well as the company’s information, a single energy shot that contains 50mg of CBD provides consumers with around 5 hours of energy and mood boost. To make sure that their energy drinks are extra energizing, they’ve also added taurine and coffee beans to this product.

The so-called YOLO energy shots by Sunday Scaries come in packs of 12 energy shots and a cost of $69. You can choose between three flavours: tropical pineapple, sour fruit, and coconut lime.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

The tinctures and oils may mark the beginnings, but the Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are the brand’s most versatile and beloved product. Sunday Scaries sells two CBD gummies versions: regular and vegan. Here are the differences between the two, as well as their prices.

Regular CBD gummies Contain pure cane sugar, gelatine, colours, citric acid, flavourings $39 per bottle, $31 per monthly subscription
Vegan CBD gummies Contain furmaric acid, organic sugar, corn syrup, and modified starch $44 per bottle, $35 per monthly subscription

The packs of gummies contain 20 pieces with 10mg of CBD each. You can take a couple of gummies every day, maybe even three, but if you are a novice CBD consumer, you definitely want to start with one to truly experience the effects.

Sunday Scaries Candy

Sunday Scaries Candy

Candy has improved much since the past, that’s for sure. The Sunday Scaries candy is a feast for the taste buds, but it is slightly chewy compared to the gummies product.

The so-called Unicorn Jerky product contains CBD in amount of 10mg in each piece. A pack of 10 pieces costs $19.99.

Sunday Scaries Bath Bombs

Sunday Scaries Bath Bombs

Finally, there’s the funniest and most innovative product the company has – the bath bombs. These have created quite the hype in the CBD community because who doesn’t like a bubbly bath on Sunday? When you purchase their bath bomb, you just need a warm bath to jump into, and you can forget about all your worries.

The CBD bath bombs by this company contain both cannabidiol and coconut oil. They smell amazingly and are truly refreshing with black raspberry and vanilla fragrance.

The cost of the bath bombs is $59 for one piece. If you choose to subscribe for them, which you really should do if you want to enjoy relaxing Sundays in the bath, the cost goes down to $49 per month.

Sunday Scaries CBD offers these products with great discounts for bulk purchases or monthly subscription. To be more, you will get the chance to use a coupon code and enjoy a 15% discount on your first purchase.

Pros and Cons of Sunday Scaries


  • The details behind the products, their manufacturing, lab reports, and certifications can be found on the website. The company uses third party companies for lab testing.
  • The CBD this company uses is grown without pesticides and is fully organic.
  • Multiple discounts for bulk orders and amazing rates for monthly subscriptions.


  • Except for the vegan products, every Sunday Scaries item contains sugars and flavourings.
  • There aren’t many choices available compared to other companies.



If you’re searching for quality, organic CBD products that will reduce the everyday stress and provide you with the relief you have been craving, Sunday Scaries is an extraordinary brand for you. This company offers CBD energy shots, tinctures, gummies, candies, and even bath bombs that are free of THC and full of vitamins and cannabidiol.

When your day seem too hard to get through, a single energy drink can keep you energized for five hours. If you want some time off from everything, you can drop a bath bomb and get the relaxation you so desire. Alternatively, you can test some of the best gummies and tinctures sold on the market, and at a really affordable price for that matter.